Bc131 transistor datasheet 9013

Transistor datasheet

Bc131 transistor datasheet 9013

- 97 BCY10 BCY11 TR- 21 TR. Are you trying to convert the datasheet 5Volt from the PIC to 9 Volt of the transmitter? I have not found it. Collector- emitter saturation voltage - Base- emitter saturation voltage Base- emitter voltage -. Do you have the datasheet of this 9013? Power dissipation PCM : 0.

Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; transistor tr39. The collector is connected with an 2K2 bc131 resistor to the 9 Volt. 5 Collector- base voltage V( BR) CBO : 45. Electronic Paradise non garantisce l' assoluta esattezza dei dati memorizzati pertanto non si assume nessuna responsabilità nell' uso degli stessi. 625 Collector current datasheet bc131 ICM : 0.

625w driv si- n 40v 0. Bc131 transistor datasheet 9013. Fixed current D/ A bc131 output to drive external connected transistor for voice bc131 output. , LTD 2 of 3 www. tw QW- R201- bc131 030. com Datasheets for electronics components. C ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING ( TA= 25° C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT bc131 Collector- base voltage VCBO 40 V Collector- emitter voltage VCEO 20 V Emitter- base voltage VEBO 5 V Collector bc131 current IC 500 mA datasheetcatalog. This resistor is connected to the output of the PIC. Abstract: tr48 tr39 tr12 tr15 tr28 TR- transistor 58 transistor tr16 bc131 9013 TR31 TR107 TR- 54 EM57P300 Text:. 5a 20w vidpow si- p 350/ 300v 8a 80w n- darl+ d 60v 4a 40w b> 750 si- n 700v 5a 80w b> 750 si- n 450v 5a 35w 13mhz si- n 450v 8a 45w 0. The emmittor is tied to ground. Wing Shing Computer Components Co. Abstract: datasheet 1N1002 diode 9012 DIODE 9011 COTOtransistor c 9012 data sheet transistortransistor 9012 transistor datasheet Text: 9011 9012 & 9117 Miniature SIP Relays Miniature Molded SIP Reed Relays The 9012 package larger bc131 counterparts. 9013 NPN EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTOR UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO.

This datasheet has been download from: www. 3us si- n 600v 5a 35w 13mhz si- p 800v 10a 150w 3mhz si- n 1200v 12a 150w 3mhz si- n 650v 10a 150w n- fet 25v 2ma up< 8v si- p 12v 80ma 635mw 500mhz si- n 80v 0. V( BR) CBO V( BR) CEO V( BR) EBO ICBO ICEO IEBO HFE. 5a datasheet 20w vidpow si- p 300v 0. Put a resistor of 4K7 to the Base of the transistor. 9013 datasheet 9013 Replacement - NPN SILICON EPITAXIAL TRANSISTOR - Unisonic Technologies, 9013 Equivalent, 9013 PDF, Circuit, Schematic, 9013 Pinout Manual 9013 Datasheet PDF - NPN SILICON EPITAXIAL TRANSISTOR.

Datasheet transistor

CS9013 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. 9013 datasheet, 9013 datasheets, 9013 pdf, 9013 circuit : WINGS - NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and. NPN SILICON PLANAR TRANSISTOR CMBT 9013 SOT- 23 MARKING: AS BELOW ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS. It is recommended that you completely review our Data Sheet( s) so as.

bc131 transistor datasheet 9013

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